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anayela | marrakesh


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Architectural Concept

house_02AnaYela is a small, 300-year-old city palace in the heart of the Medina, the historic city of Marrakesh.

“Ana Yela” translates literally as “I am Yela” and the architecture tells the story of a girl called Yela who once lived in this house.

The restoration of the building took months and was carried out using only traditional Moroccan craftsmanship, for which Marrakesh is famous throughout the world. All of the work was carried out by hand, without the use of electric tools, by more than 100 artisans.

One of the most renowned calligraphers of Morocco, hammered the story in silver on the vast doors in chronological order through the house, like pages in a book.


Every single piece of furniture, every lamp, all the decorations, even the tableware, were all designed by Bernd Kolb and Yannick Hervy, and finished individually by Moroccan artisans.

patio_1_01As a result the house as a whole is a spectacular piece of art in itself. Here all one’s senses are beguiled and inspirational energies and emotions are awoken and set free in this unique atmosphere.

Marrakech – The Red City

„It´s the most lovely spot in the world“ said Winston Curchill to Franklin D Roosevelt about Marrakech in 1943. The Red City has remained hip ever since, reaching its peak in the 1960´s, when the first wave of bohemians rode the Marrakech Express at full throttle. Yves Saint Laurent was one and is patron of one ist loveliest sights, the Majorelle Gardens. What is it that makes the desert city so appealing? Perhaps it´s because Marrakech is one of the few short-haul destinations where winter sun is guaranteed. Or may bet he permissive attitude that prevails – if Morocco ist the most liberal Arab country, Marrakech is its ne plus ultra. Its mesmerising souks, gracious cafés, decadent nightclubs and exotic vitality are there to be enjoyed, and the anayela is in the heart of the Medina.